fermentea’d Kombucha –Brand Positioning & Design Concept

Fermentea'd Kombucha is crafted through cultured brewing of the finest Darjeeling tea leaves, providing a healthy alternative to traditional lemonade. The brand's design concept, titled 'Reise der Perlage' was born from the culinary experiences amassed by the two founders, Max & David, during their travels.

These experiences served as the inspiration for crafting their own unique tea blends. Together, we have developed a brand for their Kombucha that draws inspiration from flavors around the world and is now available in supermarkets across Germany for enjoyment at home.

We have been involved in every step of Fermentea'd's journey, from its positioning and design, to devising a social media strategy, and finally to the product's launch in retail stores.


services: brand positioning, art direction, design

project management
social media concept

Milena Zens
a Iglhaut
Laila Auburger

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